Preparing the ground for solid foundations.

NGEN was presented with a unique opportunity. Develop a community from the ground up.

The parcel of land resided in an industrial area. NGEN performed a deep dive into what product would best gentrify the area. The study determined this development needed to have a contemporary urban appeal. This led to a series of modern Bauhaus inspired towns, a first of its kind for CountryWide. We gave the community a lifestyle filled with attitude along with a name that resonated with our main targets (Otto means eight in Italian and is a lucky number in Chinese culture). A vibrant sales centre and a fully integrated campaign completed the marketing strategy, driving thousands of registrations to a VIP event and selling 100% at the grand opening. The sales centre received a nomination for the BILD Award’s Best Sales Office.


Role: Product Research, Advising, Strategy, Branding, Identity, Microsite, Marketing Automation, Sales Collateral, Touchscreens, Signage, Presentation Centre, OOH, Renderings