Urban North

For Millennials to buy IN Barrie they must buy INTO Barrie.

We were approached by PACE with an ambitious development of 850 townhomes located 90 minutes outside downtown Toronto. NGEN’s strategy was to present Barrie as a lifestyle destination for young urban buyers looking for affordable options outside of the hot-ticket GTA. However, the recently implemented financial mortgage stress tests was a huge barrier to entry. To overcome this issue, we augmented our lifestyle position with an innovative down payment concept to appeal to our target group, resulting in 106,000 web visitors, 5,850 leads, 2,500 visitors to the sales centre, and a total of 239 homes sold in the first 6 months; helping Pace attain a top 10 sales position in the market for 2018.

Role: Strategy, Branding, Visual Identity, Website, Marketing Automation, Collateral, Events, Video, Signage, Presentation Centre, Touch Screens, Media Planning, Digital, Radio, OOH